Our Mission

“It is my earnest hope and desire that every transaction which occurs . . . will be more than a mere transaction, but will also be another step forward in community growth and well-being. This is the basic belief on which our companies have grown over the years, and is the same principle on which our future growth will be based.”

– Masayuki Tokioka, 1960

Tradewind Capital (TC) is a Hawaii-based investment firm focused on real estate and private equity opportunities.

Our investments encompass both real estate and private equity with a full spectrum of strategies, including opportunistic, value–add, and core. A long term investment horizon, Hawaii-centric approach, and commitment to maintaining a strong linkage between Hawaii’s businesses and the communities they serve, distinguishes Tradewind Capital.

Tradewind Capital is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tradewind Group, Inc. with origins in Hawaii dating back over 75 years

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